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Pearly King Jeans once again made the trip over to Berlin for Bread and Butter. After a great reception last year much was expected of the brand. Previewing the AW13 collection made sure we lived up to these expectations. The stand was constantly busy with a steady stream of press and industry people vying for the attention of our Creative Director Emil.

Another very successful year at Bread and Butter Berlin.

Did you know that all of the patterns and fits for Pearly King Jeans are still drawn and cut by hand? The majority of companies now use manchines. We find that a machine can never match the experience and skills of the Heavy Tailors who have been creating patterns for over 40 years!

Each pair of Pearly King Jeans features the signature profile stitch. This stitch is not simply stitched on to the pocket like most brands. The Pearly King profile is hidden under the pocket only to be revealed by wear and tear.

Here at Pearly King Jeans we love creating garments which are detail rich, high quality and affordable. The Pearly King Jeans team work with our own team of artisans who produce anything that bares the Pearly King name, we call them the Heavy Tailors. Unlike many other brands we do not out source our products as we believe that if you want something doing right you do it yourself. With our own supply chain we are able maintain a high standard of quality and also ensure that all garments are produced in compliance with fair trade and eco regulations.

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