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Hand Crafted


Pearly King Jeans create hand crafted, detail rich collections that embody the rebellious spirit of old school pioneers. Distinctive garments that draw inspiration from a mixture of classic vintage styles and modern trends.

Each pair of Pearly King Jeans features our signature profile stitch. This signature is not simply stitched on to the pocket like most brands. The Pearly King profile is hidden under the pocket only to be revealed by wear and tear.

All of the patterns and fits for Pearly King Jeans are still drawn and cut by hand. The majority of companies now use automated systems but we find that a machine can never match the experience and skills of the Heavy Tailors who have been creating and cutting patterns for over 40 years.

The Heavy Tailors


Each piece that bares the Pearly King name has been created by our Heavy Tailors, A group of skilled artisans with over 40 years experience. Inspired by our library of carefully selected archive pieces the Heavy Tailors painstakingly create all of the patterns, fits and washes for Pearly King Jeans by hand, no machine can match the level of craftsmanship displayed by our Heavy Tailors.

Pearly King Jeans proudly uphold the high standards of craftsmanship that the Heavy Tailors are known for.

Botanical Bohemian


For Spring/Summer 2015 Pearly King presents a collection drenched in bohemian spirit. The Heavy Tailors have travelled the world and collected a rich catalogue of prints from clans and tribes of many different ethnicities. These prints have been reworked, washed and applied to uniquely styled garments yielding a result that the Heavy Tailors call Botanical Bohemian. Floral printed linen blazers paired with authentically faded chinos and graphic T-shirts that combine modern tropic elements with baroque fine art.

Spring/Summer 2015 sees a further development in to the previously successful laundered tailoring story, adding a more classical element to shirting while keeping the overall feel very relaxed.


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