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After receiving a great reception in Berlin Pearly King Jeans have now been featured in Drapers Streetwear Autumn 13 Special edition.

2013 has picked straight up from where 2012 ended with the brand gaining yet more recognition from the industry.

Pearly King Jeans once again made the trip over to Berlin for Bread and Butter. After a great reception last year much was expected of the brand. Previewing the AW13 collection made sure we lived up to these expectations. The stand was constantly busy with a steady stream of press and industry people vying for the attention of our Creative Director Emil.

Another very successful year at Bread and Butter Berlin.

Did you know that all of the patterns and fits for Pearly King Jeans are still drawn and cut by hand? The majority of companies now use manchines. We find that a machine can never match the experience and skills of the Heavy Tailors who have been creating patterns for over 40 years!

Each pair of Pearly King Jeans features the signature profile stitch. This stitch is not simply stitched on to the pocket like most brands. The Pearly King profile is hidden under the pocket only to be revealed by wear and tear.

Double layered lamb napa aviator jacket features fur and canvas trim. A key piece from the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.

Taking the pronted T-shirt to a whole new level. These tees have been crushed an laundered to achieve a super soft “broken in” feel.

Keep warm this winter with this soft quilted shirt. Washed and treated to emulate a genuine military garment from the Pearly King Jeans archive.

A whole new take on double denim. Pearly King Jeans now offers a brown selvedge denim that fades and feels exactly traditional indigo.

A truly special cloth.


Its that time of year folks! Twice a year the Pearly King Jeans team go into isolation and begin the process of sanding, grinding and spraying the jeans for the up coming season. Each jean is treated by hand and can take over two days to complete. This commitment to quality and innovation is the back bone of Pearly King Jeans.

This summer was the first time that Pearly King Jeans showed at what is currently the world’s biggest fashion exhibition. For those of you who couldn’t make it, we thought we’d share our experience. An experience we’re calling the road to Berlin. It has definitely been  a long journey wrought with late nights of carpentry, painting and wiring. Many companies out source projects such as these but the Pearly King Jeans team always insist on taking the bull by the horns. So we set upon the task of building a stand from scratch.

We wanted to create an environment that would emulate the Pearly King Jeans HQ really represent our values. This meant using only quality materials and distressing every single little bit of it! Over 500 lengths of timber had to be individually treated and distressed. All together the stand weighed over 2 tones, took over 500 hours to build and was transported over 2000 miles.

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